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Storage is gaining popularity in contemporary times as our cupboards demand increased organization. Explore a variety of glass storage jars to align with your organizational requirements. Our assortment includes different styles tailored to complement your home and kitchen interiors.

Elevate your home's organization with these storage jars, leaving a lasting impression on guests and transforming your space into a paragon of orderliness. These jars serve as ideal accessories for pantry storage, kitchen cupboard organization, bathroom storage, and more.

Pantry storage jars prove versatile for items such as cereal, rice, oats, pasta, nuts, while laundry storage jars cater to bio tablets, washing powder, laundry detergent, whitener, and the like. Additionally, our unique Tea, Coffee, Sugar canister sets boast a modern aesthetic, making them a delightful addition to your morning routine. Fridge bin organizers are also at your disposal, facilitating a tidy fridge.

Embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle with our refillable, eco-friendly storage jars. Buying products in bulk allows you to reduce single-use plastics by transferring them into these durable jars designed to withstand the test of time.

Our glass storage jars feature a range of airtight lids, including bamboo wood and acacia wood, ensuring optimal freshness and secure storage. The ribbed glass cork ball jars present a distinct and increasingly popular look among home enthusiasts.

For a permanent labelling solution, our waterproof and premium labels are perfect for organizing your home. They endure on your jars, offering impeccable storage for many years.

Pharmacy bottles, available in matte black, green, and amber, serve as distinctive home ornaments that captivate guests, imparting a sense of originality and style to your home.


What are storage jars made from?

They are made from glass.

Do they come in different sizes?

Yes, from 500ml to 2100ml.

Are the labels waterproof?

Yes they are waterproof, however it is advised that they are not put in a dishwasher as extreme heat on the labels could damage them.

What is the glue like for the labels?

The glue used is permanent adhesive meaning the labels will stay attached to the bottle.

Is there free shipping?

There is free shipping if you spend over £50.

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