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Namie spray bottles serve as an excellent storage solution for kitchen essentials, commonly employed as cleaning spray bottles. These unfilled spray bottles are versatile, accommodating a range of liquids for immediate use. Our selection includes an array of colours, such as amber, matte black, white, and clear, providing the flexibility to complement your interior.

The circular sirop bottles, crafted with reusability in mind, offer a compelling avenue for embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle. These reusable bottles play a pivotal role in minimizing household single-use plastics by readily accepting bulk eco pouches. The trigger head lid streamlines the refilling process, presenting a sustainable solution for spray bottles that contributes to fostering a more environmentally conscious home.

The trigger spray pump functionality is adjustable, transitioning from a stream spray to a mist spray bottle. This adaptability renders the spray bottles highly effective for tasks like misting plants, where a plant spray bottle becomes indispensable for maintaining plant hydration.

Atomizer spray bottles are also available, serving as excellent misters. Emitting a fine mist, these bottles find utility as room spray bottles, plant misters for smaller plants, or even hair water spray bottles for professionals like hairdressers or barbers. The glass mist bottle, in particular, makes for a valuable addition to your home.

Our labelled medical-style spray bottles not only offer practicality but also present an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your cleaning products. Waterproof and suitable for both bathroom and kitchen use, these dispensers make thoughtful gifts for mothers, family, or friends.

Suitable for diverse settings like home decor, restaurants, hotels, Airbnb accommodations, spa bathrooms, and cafes, wholesale prices are available for business customers. The bottles are offered in various sizes, including 300ml, 500ml, and 1000ml, all featuring a 28mm diameter neck.


Are the labels waterproof?

Yes they are waterproof, however it is advised that they are not put in a dishwasher as extreme heat on the labels could damage them.

What is the glue like for the labels?

The glue used is permanent adhesive meaning the labels will stay attached to the bottle.

Is there free shipping?

There is free shipping if you spend over £50.

Are they made in the UK?

Yes our soap dispensers are made UK, England.

What is the spray lid made out of?

PET plastic

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