How To Get Good Airbnb Reviews

Follow these steps to get positive reviews and leave your guests completely satisfied with their stay. Happy guests mean returning guests! Head to our Airbnb Host Page for those who are looking for more tips, supplies, and decor. 

Airbnb bedroom

1. Cleanliness:

Keeping your space clean for gusts is absolutely essential. A dirty bedroom is enough to put people off coming back and can even lead to negative reviews.

A clean environment reduces the risk of health hazards such as allergens, mould, and germs, promoting the well-being of guests and minimizing the potential for illness.

Ensure your property is spotless before guests arrive and maintain cleanliness throughout their stay.

2. Hospitality:

A good way to stand out from your competitors is to provide essentials for your guests such as hand soap, body wash, shampoo, coffee, tea and sugar. Most people will expect this from Airbnbs and won't bring their own, so doing this will keep everyone happy! 

Here are a few items from our store that can help store these essentials: 

Soap Dispensers

Storage Jars


Bulk eco pouches of hand soap, shampoo and conditioner can be bought from many places online such as: Refillable Non-Toxic Cleaning | Miniml (

3. Upgrade Your Decor: 

First impressions matter! Set the stage for an unforgettable stay by adorning your space with stylish decor that exudes charm and sophistication. Impress your guests upon arrival. 

Aesthetically pleasing listing photos with modern and stylish decor are more likely to catch the eye of potential guests and lead to increased bookings.

Upgraded decor adds value to your property, allowing you to potentially increase your nightly rates and maximize your earning potential on Airbnb.
Here are a few additions Airbnb hosts should think about to impress guests: 

Soap Dispensers

Wall Brackets

Oil Bottles

Spray Bottles 

Tea Coffee Sugar Sets


4. Communication:

Being proactive with reaching out first is a great way to make a good first impression on your guests. They will love to know that their hosts is eager for them to stay. A short message after they make the booking is a great way to do this. 

A message near their stay date is a great way to ask guests if they have any questions or need any info.

Be prompt and clear in your communication with guests, addressing any questions or concerns they may have. This will build trust, address any questions, and tend to any requests. 

5. Ask For Feedback:

Encourage guests to provide feedback and address any issues or suggestions promptly to improve future stays.

There may be occasions where your guests absolutely loved their stay but just completely forgot to leave a review! Or they may not know how to. 

Why not drop them a nice goodbye message the day after leaving (so they can respond once they are home and not stressing about the travel home). And include a line at the end explaining how amazing it would be if they could spare a second to leave a nice review. Reviews go a long way! 


Head to our Airbnb Host Page for those who are looking for more tips, supplies, and decor.