Airbnb Essentials

The two main things are to make your guests feel comfortable and to make your guest's stay feel like a weekend of luxury. We made a separate page for Airbnb hosts looking for more ideas. 

Here are the essentials that every Airbnb host should add to their guest's spaces.

Bedroom Essentials

The main thing here is that guests need to be comfortable and have a great sleep. Try to think about what could cause people to have a bad sleep. Here are a list of bedroom essentials:

Extra blankets / throws

Blackout curtains / blinds


Full-length mirror 

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Bathroom Essentials

An ugly bathroom is enough to stop some people from returning, so it needs be clean and look appealing. Here is a list of bathroom essentials: 

Luxury Soap Dispensers 

Toiletries (e.g. body wash, shampoo, conditioner) 

Towels and mats

Towel rack 


Hair dryer

Toilet brush

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchens are what makes or breaks an Airbnb, whether that's on photos before booking, or during your guest's stay. If guests will be cooking here and using the kitchen, then it needs to look good and have everything you need. Here are the essentials: 

Filled Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters


Filled Hand Soap & Dish Soap Dispensers

Oil Bottles

Cookware and utensils

Electric kettle



A Few More Ideas

For families: Colouring books, child-friendly furniture, baby gates. 

For couples: Dining table, wine glasses, romantic lighting. 

For guests with pets: Pet bed, waste bags, food bowls

For business people: Desk and chair, office supplies, printer. 


Head to our Airbnb Host Page for those of you who are looking for more tips, supplies, and Airbnb decor.